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지난 15년 간 스카프및 머플러, 악세사리를 기획, 제조 및 납품해 온 대한민국 대표기업 '레고'는 스카프와 머플러, 악세사리 전문 제조업체입니다. 2003년에 설립되어 세계적 기업의 판매 및 홍보용 제품, 유수 브랜드 및 디자이너 제품을 국내 제조해온 대한민국 대표 기업입니다. 

REGO, Korea's leading promoter and manufacturer of fashion goods for over 15 years, manufactures scarves, mufflers and accessories. Founded in 2003, REGO is the representative fashion goods manufacturing company of Korea which has been producing the products for sale and promotion of the global companies, the leading brands and designer products in Korea. 

Message from the CEO

그대 ... 고운 봄 길 위에... 

여자로 살아 간다는 것. 어릴적 내가 보았던 '어른여자'는 공식과도 같이 일관적인 모습으로 보였다. 

살구꽃처럼 뽀얀 모습엔 채색이 발했고 표정엔 살구꽃이 떨어졌다. 

하루... 또 하루 궂은 날 잠깐 나타났다 사라지는 여유별이라 하더라도 당신에게  오늘 살구꽃 화사함을 선물하고 싶다. 

어느 아름다운 날에 ... 

   대     표   김  은  미          

Scarves and accessories seems to take a little part in what you wear today, but those give you a last touch and make you pop out, give you an accent and finish your look. 

We hope our products to give a subtle touch of colors and liveliness to dry, achromatic everyday life and make you bloom like a flower just by wearing them. 

Scarves silky as a breeze of an beautiful spring day’s afternoon, accessories just glittery as a gleaming stars on the night sky - we’ve always wonder how to melt in and realize the beauty on our products. Our effort has already impressed many other clients and this time, I want you to be the next one to fully experience our products and get immersed in the aesthetic of REGO. 

We promise to give you not only the physical products but a positive experience and breeziness- Just come on in! 

 CEO     EUN MI, KIM          

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